10 Web Design Elements Not to Miss Out on Your Homepage

Your website homepage is the very first place your visitors and potential customers see when they click on your URL. This is where they go to check out your products or services. This is also where they get to know more about your business.

This is why you need to make sure that your homepage contains all necessary elements to guarantee a good experience for your site visitors.

  1. Headings

Your homepage needs an informative and attention-grabbing main headline. Your main headline should use simple and plain language that gets to the point right away. You also need informative sub-headings that focus on your customers’ pain points.

  1. Add a Main Image and Use Strong Images

Avoid putting cheesy or simple stock images in the homepage. You will be better off with your own photos or stock photos that showcase your brand and get attention.

  1. Calls to Action

Make sure you place your primary call to action in a visible position high up on your homepage. Since many people today use their mobile devices when looking for services or products, the call to action must stand out and placed in a prominent position.

  1. Well-Written Text

It is common misconception that there shouldn’t be any form of text in a homepage to make it look modern and clean. However, text is crucial for SEO and user experience alike. Aside from that, it is still possible to make your homepage look clean even if you add some texts. Instead of having a text-free homepage, use easy to read text in straightforward language.

  1. Benefits of the Business, Services and/or Products

It is never good to simply tell your visitors what your business is all about. Instead, you have to focus on the benefits that you can offer them.

  1. Social Proof

Don’t forget to include testimonials from actual customers. These should have positive experiences of doing business with you.

  1. White Space

It is not imperative to fill your entire homepage since whitespace can help improve its usability and appearance.

  1. Easy to Use Menu and Navigation

This is crucial for your visitors to have an easy time locating the information and items they need.

  1. Smart Footer

As there is no way for you to read the minds of all your visitors and offer them the things they are searching for, a footer can be used place important information links to catch them before they decide to leave your site.

  1. Newsletter Signup Form

Not every person who goes to your website will turn into a buying customer. This is why you need to try your best in getting as much as possible from each visitor instead of letting them go to a competitor. Usually the best thing you can do is to ask your visitors to sign up and receive your business newsletter. You can request them to fill up a form on the homepage and include them in your email list. To make things better, you can even give something free when they sign up.