Are Free Websites Worth It?

There are many websites available for business owners. In fact, thousands of businesses consider free websites so they can save money. But, are they really worth it?

Well, such websites make promises of being easy to use and they’ll generate business while you’re sleeping. Most even claim to be optimized when they are really not. To uninitiated, such promises sound attractive when they are free.

At technical level, such tools are smart, but you’re on your own to make your website. Many people spend hundreds of hours creating a website that’s free, yet their website does not generate any business enquiries for them. More often than not, they find out that they have to pay for the overpriced plugins and website extensions to get the performance that their business requires.

Having website is not enough. To attract some visitors, you should fill your inbox with some enquiries and make your telephone ring, you have to consider investing in professional websites that will likely pay itself in the long run.

Are Free Websites Optimized?

From the perspective of search engines, it’s a bit misleading that such websites claim to be optimized. They may enable your business to be found by brands in search. However, they do not deliver high ranking for some non branded search terms that are related to your business. Organic SEO is the specialist discipline where top ranking is sought after and highly contested. It isn’t possible that website builders will provide organic search traffic to your websites.

To get traffic to free websites, you have to run paid search ads like AdWords or must network in social media websites. Some people who have used free websites before do not rank well on search engines.

Do Free Websites Convert Visitors to Leads?

Getting traffic to free websites is very challenging. Assuming you have solved this problem using paid search advertising, getting traffic that will convert to leads and enquiries is your next challenge. Typically, this is a function of delivering good visitor experience and meeting content expectations consistently so visitors feel compelled to contact you.

Free website tools provide a variety of design templates that you can choose from and most are now mobile optimized, yet is this enough for converting visitors? In many cases, this isn’t a fact. Enquiry conversion is basically a function of numerous elements and it’s dependent on the content’s structure, pathways to contents and contents itself. Great design brings the whole website experience together and serves like a cherry on top of the cake.

Your website is the front shop for your business in today’s modern world. It is the first touchpoint that prospective clients or customers have. It imparts first impressions of your business. It should fulfill some requirements and it must look good and reflect your offering’s essence in the best possible way.

Depending on your budget and needs, it’s okay to use free websites. But, if you want to serve your customers with something they deserve, you must pay importance to your website’s quality.