Best Tips for Excellent AdWords Ads

Your Google AdWords campaign includes several key elements and one of these is your ad copy. But, since you can only work with limited text, how will you convey the right message and encourage potential customers to click on your ads?

Check out these best tips for excellent AdWords ads:

Focus on Your Customers

Among the main issues with ad copies is that you tend to focus on your business, your services and products, what you do, and such.

However, people who look at your ads are more vested in their personal problems. These concerns are what your ads should talk about.

Use the Right Number of Keywords

Making sure that you add keywords to your ads can help boost your quality score and lower the cost per click or CPC of your campaign as well as its cost per conversion. One of the main reasons for it is that adding keywords shows the person performing an online search that you’ve got a solution for their problem.

However, keep in mind that keyword stuffing, or putting tons of keywords in your ads, will just create an entirely different effect. Using your keywords excessively will only make your campaign less effective.

Be Specific to Target Keyword/s

AdWords copies should always relate to keyword/s as much as possible. For instance, if people are looking for interior design services, your ad copy should discuss interior design instead of something else.

Include Ad Extensions if Possible

You can boost your ads’ visibility by using ad extensions. Ad extensions can also make it easier for your target customers to find the things they are searching for. On top of that, this also makes it easier for them to get in touch with you.

Some of the ad extensions that you can include in AdWords ads include callouts, sitelinks, and structured snippets.

Test Several Ad Versions

Since experts with millions of budget write several ad copies a day to test each copy, there is no reason for you not to do it, too. AdWords allows you to perform split tests wherein you can run two ads simultaneously to check the better one.

Use “You” in Your Ad Copy

Your ad copy should always use “you.” This helps you talk about the potential customers, what they find important, how you will help them, and what benefits they can get if they choose you instead of your competitors.

Don’t Forget Your Call to Action

Finally, make sure that your AdWords copy always has a strong call to action that will encourage the users to click. It is important for your calls to action to always be positive and direct as much as possible.

Although it will take practice and experience to get everything right, the tips above are some of the critical elements that you should always include in your AdWords ad copies. Keep them in mind for your campaigns to be more successful in the future and generate as much sales and profits for your business.