Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO isn’t an exact science and it’s surrounded by a lot of misleading information and myths. Following bad advice or working with the wrong company isn’t only a colossal waste of money and time, but it may result to a ban from the search engines or imposed penalties.

Below are some of the common SEO mistakes you should avoid:

  • Falling for Some Unrealistic SEO Promises

It is very crucial to choose partner for SEO that favors the use of safe methods over getting quick results. Some companies will promise to get you on the first page of Google search results inexpensively and as soon as possible. However, their methods involve tricking search engines for better position in search results using particular keywords. Search engines have taken serious steps to penalize, detect, and ban websites that cheat the system. If your website engages in shady SEO techniques, it will get ban or penalized.

  • Doing SEO on Your Own Instead of Hiring Professionals

SEO is basically a full time work and needs advanced knowledge of the current algorithm changes, strategies, and trends. A lot of marketing professionals are knowledgeable of the basics and believe they could do their SEO by themselves. The truth is that they can’t and most of them learned it the hard way. Real SEO professionals will stay on top of the newest trends and know from experience what really works and what doesn’t. You do not like to experiment with your websites and make problems that would take more money and time to fix.

  • Not Adapting to the Changes on Search Engines

Search engines change their algorithms continually to improve quality of searches and combat cheaters who manipulate the system. There have been some changes to Google algorithms for the past 5 years and various smaller updates that have changed the way search engines rank every website. Keeping on top of recent updates is crucial to achieve great search rankings. If you do not have bandwidth to keep up with the newest SEO trends, you must team up with the SEO professionals who could.

  • Choosing Any Keywords without Research

A common mistake made with SEO strategies is focusing on non-strategic keywords. Some companies waste resources and time through targeting keywords that they think people are searching for or selecting keywords that are very competitive to rank successfully. SEO experts can choose keywords that would generate most searches with least competition. They may also search for keyword synonyms, related topics, and competitor brands that your customers might be researching.

  • Having Low Quality and Duplicate Content

Duplicate and low quality content is a big NO when it comes to SEO. Having contents like these would actually get your context excluded from the search results. Search engines do not show duplicate content and once it appears, they determine the original one. The golden rule is to ensure that your content is of high quality, original, and unique. Never reuse the same content on various website areas. Your web developer may help ensure that you do not have duplicate content and may set up canonical tags for resolving duplicate content problems.