How to Get On The First Page of Google with SEO

You’ve probably heard a lot of people talk about how crucial it is to get on the first page of search engine results. Besides, most research say the first page of Google will get 70% to 75% of the available clicks. Unfortunately, although it seems to get on the first page, it’s actually the opposite.

As a matter of fact, in every industry, you will not get to the page one of Google for the main keywords of your industry. The reason behind it is that it’s the way Google or search engines work. It looks at the domain’s authority and the number of links it has and other things. If your domain authority is lower compared to the competitors and you need fewer links, you will not be able to beat them.

You will not also compete head-to-head with huge competitors using the traditional methods. However, there are some ways on how to get to the page one of Google if you’re creative. Some of these include the following:

Consider Blogging

Blogging is a great way to target long-tail keywords as well as attracting traffic from links from some websites and social media. However, for you to be successful, you should publish more posts compared to your competitors. You must also publish quality posts and make sure that all of your posts are keyword focused.

Target Every Long-Tail Keywords

Typically, long-tail keywords are more than 2 or 3 words. For instance, one of the primary keywords for any property management company could be ‘houses for rent’. Some long-tail keywords you can use may include ‘houses for rent in UK’ or ‘houses for rent under $100’. Long-tail keywords are much easier to rank for. These also generate low traffic levels, but this traffic might add up once you target lots of them. Other than that, long-tail keywords also have good conversion rates as they’re used by many people for buying decision.

Take Advantage of Google AdWords

Majority of search results pages worth targeting basically contain ads. Such ads dominate the top of such search results pages with 4 ads on the display before first organic search results. So, if you really like to be on the first page of Google, you must use Google AdWords.

Be Featured on Some Websites

In numerous industries, it’s frequently possible to get featured on some websites that appear on the page one. Review website is an example. You’ll have to spend time reaching out to review’s authors on such websites. However, getting into the reviews is basically an indirect way to get to the page one. A good example is in the industry of property management like listing properties on the portals of main property.

No matter how beautiful your website design is, if you will not consider those tips above, you will never be no the first page of Google. Make sure to take a more targeted and strategic approach to SEO for better results.

Save Money and Time

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