Top 20 Reasons Why Having a Free Website is a Bad Idea

It is always possible to go for a free website. But, is it a good idea? Well, a free WordPress website, for example, is going to work and look just fine and even generate some site visitors. However, cutting on your budget can put you and your website at risk.

Here are the top reasons why a free website is never a good idea at all:

  1. Unprofessional Website Address

Not having a proper and professionally sounding site address will make it difficult for potential customers and visitors to take your site seriously.

  1. Awfully Slow Websites

Your free website can load at extremely low speeds and this is bad both for SEO and user experience.

  1. Hidden Charges

Companies offering free websites can charge you for outrageously expensive extra services such as email accounts, website transfer, FTP access and others.

  1. Not Totally Free Trial Service

Free website services are often limited trials and you need to pay for them after some time. This price can get ridiculously pricier than normal services.

  1. Irrelevant Website Ads

For all you know, your competitor’s ads might get posted on your site, sabotaging your own business as a result.

  1. Your Data Can Get Locked Down

Those who opted for a free website but wanted to move to paid services often find it hard to move their site data.

  1. Your Website Can Get Shut Down

Free website services indicate in their terms and conditions that your website can be shut down anytime even without a reason. When they do, you might not retrieve your data or give you a means of saving your content.

  1. Free Companies Can be Gone with the Wind

Free website companies may choose to shut down their servers, making you lose your website and all data in it.

  1. Your Information May be Sold Off

Free services still need to make money and since you don’t pay for it, you might become the product and get sold off.

  1. You Can Lose Your Website Address

Once your site is shut down or the service is closed, you will also end up losing your website address.

  1. Limited WordPress

You may host WordPress but servers of these free services might not be able to run it.

  1. No WordPress

Most free services won’t let you install WordPress on your website.

  1. No Website Building Tools

These free companies provide their users with very limited services and tools.

  1. Malware Distribution

These free website services are also infamous for malware distribution that can hurt your website’s SEO and reputation.

  1. Limited Bandwidth

Services offering free websites usually have very limited bandwidth caps.

  1. You Could Be Involved in a Link Farm

With link farms, free website services can sell their users’ pages to online scams, spammers, gambling sites, and others.

  1. Low Disk Storage

You might only get a very limited storage for storing your data and you might have to pay for additional storage once you reached the limit.

  1. Low Credibility Among Users

Your own users might not give you their trust when they see that your website is hosted on free service. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Being in business, people like to see that your website is hosted on a paid service.

  1. Limited Page Numbers on HTML Only Sites

Free website services offer limited page numbers and an upgrade is required for you to add more pages.

  1. Prone to Hacking Attempts

The poor security of a free website can put you at high risk of hacking attempts.

In conclusion, websites that are paid for produce far better results than those that come free of charge. At the end of the day we recommend to avoid these issues by investing in a paid website and web hosting.

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