What is Responsive Web Design and The Benefits?

Now that almost every person on this planet uses his or her mobile phone to search for things and information, how will you make sure that your website looks as great on smartphones as it does on desktop? Is it even possible, in the first place? The short answer is yes to a large extent. This is where a responsive web design comes in handy.

Responsive website design will adapt your site to allow people who use different formats, including smartphones, desktops, tablets, and others to view your site without getting frustrated.

Responsive Web Design – A Short Definition

The main principle behind responsive web design is that the website must adapt or respond to the specific format the user surfs from, whether they are browsing on their smartphone while riding the subway or sitting in front of their desktop at the office.

instead of sticking with fixed website elements popular during the earlier days of website design, a responsive web design works it magic by adjusting the design depending on the format being used. This happens in a matter of microseconds that users won’t even notice at all.

With the perfect blend of flexible layouts, grids, CSS media queries, and images, a website is designed in such a way that it looks just as great on smartphones or tablets as it appears on office desktops.

Benefits of a Responsive Web Design

Here are some of the exciting benefits of a responsive web design that you definitely need amidst today’s modern business climate:

  • Usability

As far as mobile web is concerned, loyalty holds very little meaning. Even if one customer loves your desktop website and used it many times in the past, most mobile users won’t think twice to leave your site in a matter of seconds. They will go instead to a more mobile-friendly website if they are using their smartphones while on the go. Responsive web design gives you the peace of mind knowing that your mobile site looks, feels, and works great whatever visitors are looking for.

  • Easy Maintenance

Back in earlier days of mobile, there are several companies with multiple website versions, one for mobile devices and one for desktop. You can just imagine how this required too much effort and work if the website needs an update. Thanks to responsive web design, you can just stick with a single website that can adapt to the specific format where it is viewed on. This means that you only need to update one website.

  • Turn Good SEO into Great SEO

SEO or search engine optimization plays a crucial role in bringing more new visitors to your site every time they search for your services or products. Responsive web design gives Google an easier time in indexing your site for it to show up near the top whatever format the user searches from.

  • Competitive Edge

Finally, you gain a competitive edge if your website works well on different platforms as there are only few businesses have one. Give your customers a business website that they can and will want to use and boost your sales and leads.